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End of Brigadier General Schwerdorffer's mandate

Mostar - During the transfer of command ceremony in HQ MND Southwest in Mostar-Ortijes camp, June 8, Major General Robert Meille replaced Major General Arnold Schwerdorffer at the head of the MND SW. Lt. Gen. Ron Adams, COMSFOR and Lieutenant General Charles - Henry de Monchy, former - DCOMSFOR, attended the ceremony.

"I thank General Adams for his support during all my mandate", underlined Schwerdorffer, present in Theatre since March 1st, 1999. During an interview given to the Mostar television, right after the ceremony, Schwerdorffer expressed his hope to see the city reunified in 2002. "I leave while being very optimistic for Mostar", he explained." I wish good luck to this city and I promise to come back for the inauguration of its famous bridge."

At the end of the ceremony, Schwerdorffer passed the command to Meille.

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