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CIMIC house opened in Tuzla

By 2Lt Alexis Clement
First published in
SFOR Informer #89, June 7, 2000

Tuzla - The Civil Military Co-operation (CIMIC) mission is to support the rule of law, civil administration, to help to the return of refugees and the reconstruction of their villages and to help the establishment of democracy. It is also its job to support the commander's relationship with civilian authorities and the population. It is to accomplish this mission that the CIMIC opens houses or offices in the main cities.

These offices are generally in centre of cities, and accessible by public transportation. The local population can come easily to get information or to look for solutions to problems they may have.
May 31st, the CIMIC office of Tuzla was inaugurated in the presence of the Maj. Gen. Robert Halverson, commander Multinational Division North (MND-N). It is the fifth office of this kind now opened in his area of responsibility. "After five years spent here, SFOR can provide a safety environment. This place is the perfect venue to facilitate the work between international organisation and civil population. It is the method of SFOR and this kind of action will continue as long as we are present in Bosnia and Hercegovina," stated Halverson.

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