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The Kings Own Royal Border Regiment

By Capt. Knut B. Andersen
First published in
SFOR Informer #87, May 10, 2000

Mrk. Grad - On April 20, Lt.Col. Mike Griffiths, 1 Battalion Kings Own Royal Border Regiment (1KORBR), Commander, replaced the Royal Regiment of Wales and assumed command of the UK Battle Group as part of the regularly scheduled rotation of British units in BiH. The main elements of the 1 KORB Battle Group are 1 Battalion Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, C Sqn. 2 Royal Tank Regiment, B Sqn. The Light Dragoons and 4 Armoured Engineer Sqn. Royal Engineers. In addition there are many attached officers and soldiers from other units of the British Armed Forces, including medics, doctors, chefs, administrators, electricians, mechanics and engineers.

The UK Battle Group in MND-SW is also composed of a number of different units from the British Army and attached elements from the armed forces of other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

The 1 KORBR was formed in 1959 when the Border Regiment from Cumbria merged with the Kings Own Royal Regiment of Lancaster. It's history dates as far back as 1680. Since 1860 the Regiment has been involved in all major campaigns and has been equipped and trained to the highest standards, able to meet any challenge presented to the regiment in Bosnia and Hercegovina or elsewhere.

The main sub units to the regiment in BiH are B Squadron Light Dragoons and C Squadron the 2 Royal Tank Regiment.

The Light Dragoons are a light cavalry reconnaissance unit, equipped with Scimitar and Spartan armored vehicles. The Dragoons have been committed to peace in BiH since their first tour in 1993 where they served with the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR). This is their 13th deployment to Theater, and sadly the unit has lost three men during their time in BiH.

The 2 Royal Tank Regiment (2 RTR) is one of the only two remaining Royal Tank Regiments in UK. It is a Challenger 2 regiment, based in Fallingbostel, North Germany as a part of 7 Armored Brigade. It was originally formed in 1916 and played a significant role in both the first and second World Wars, particularly in the North African campaign. C Squadron is currently acting independently from the Regiment and is proud to be working in BiH with the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment. Interestingly, this is the first armoured deployment by the RTR since Korea.