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SFOR at Sarajevo Law School

By Capt. Knut Andersen
First published in
SFOR Informer #83, March 15, 2000

Sarajevo - On Feb. 26 Lt. Gen. Charles Henry de Monchy, DCOM SFOR, Lt. Col. Hartmut Hager, PIO SHAPE and Col. David L. Raney, PIO SFOR, visited the University of Sarajevo Law School. Thirty students from the Law Schools' European Institutions' course attended the session on "NATO & SFOR Today; Organisational Viability in the new Europe".

De Monchy said this was a good opportunity for him to come back to the Sarajevo Law School, once restored by the French and Italian CIMIC. "I'm also delighted to attend this session on the request of Prof. Dr. Zoran Pajic," said de Monchy, who also gave a short lecture on France's role in NATO.

Hager briefed the students on ACE (Allied Command Europe) and NATO in the 21st Century, covering everything from NATO history to the future tasks and structure of the Alliance. Pajic, a member of the Faculty Post Graduate MA Studies, was pleased with the assistance from SFOR. "This is a good way to familiarise the students at The European Institutions Course with the NATO role in the region," said Pajic.