Rogatica: two finds for the Italians

First published in
SFOR Informer#161, May 1, 2003

Rogatica - On the morning of April 15th, the 217th Italian Alpini Antitank Company 'Val Maira', part of the German-Italian Battle Group, searched some privately owned houses in the village of Seljani, near Rogatica (Republika Srpska). The operation was conducted in co-operation with European Union Police Mission (EUPM) and local Police.
During this search, the following weapons were found and seized: 40 rifles, 15 M-80 light rocket launchers, 40 hand grenades, 1,100 detonators, 35,000 bullets of various calibre, 30 pistols, two machine guns, 30 kg of explosives, 60 rifle bombs and 30 mines.
"I am very proud of the professional way our troops conducted this activity," said Italian Brig. Gen. Chiarini, Commanding General for Multinational Brigade Southeast. Chiarini was present during the operation. "The opportunity to avoid unwanted consequences that the holding and hiding of illegal weapons carries on; during Harvest Campaign weapons can be surrendered to the closest local collecting points," he added.
In just three weeks, it was the second operation of this type in the same area. On March 25, another inspection of the houses, cattle-sheds and haylofts nearby in Planje, Jarovici and Gradina near Rogatica also resulted in the discovery of arms caches containing eight hand grenades, 15 AK 47 and M 48 rifles, rifle bombs and 3,000 bullets. The 217th Italian Alpini Antitank Company 'Val Maira' also led this operation.
Both inspections took place safely and without incident.

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Photo: Courtesy of German-Italian Battle Group