Dog in the spotlight

Ltn Anne-Claude Gouy
(The sentences of Cep were translated from
dog-language by Cpl. Daniele Luchini)
First published in
SFOR Informer#158, February 20, 2003

The SFOR member registered with the ID card number 84488 is not a common soldier.
First of all, he got some big and marvellous brown eyes, big ears, and a lot of hairs.
With only 50cm height and born on Nov. 1993, it might have been a little bit early for being OR4, as mentioned on his ID.
But Cep is a beautiful German Shepard of 36kg, and he works in the dog unit of the Multinational specialised unit (MSU) in Butmir camp. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is the first mission for him and his handler, Italian Cpl. Daniele Luchini. Cep is for the moment the only dog in the MSU. That's the reason why he participated to the last 'Joint Resolve' exercise.
The job of Cep is the same in BiH than in Italy: as a police dog, he's trained to defence attack and people searching. Even though Cep is able to take perfectly care of his handler, he is not an aggressive dog. Daniele never had problems with anybody, and when he asks Cep to kiss someone, he just does it! A lot of soldiers in Butmir experienced it.
The travel from Italy to BiH was quiet: Cep doesn't have his parachutist licence but he feels like at home everywhere he is with his handler. Both of them answered the same thing when asked about their best souvenir: they were unable to choose just one souvenir, because when they are together, every day is a great present.
Usually, a police dog is retired when 10 years old, but it depends of the health of the animal. And when seeing Cep running and having fun with his handler, one can suppose he will keep on working for several other years. In any case, his handler promised to keep him after his career. After six years of perfect cooperation, there seems to be good times ahead the great time together.

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