Canadian BG responds to car bombing

SLt Petra Smith
First published in
SFOR Informer#157, February 6, 2003

Members of the First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), conducted a series of vehicle checkpoints January 17 in the Sanski Most area following a car bombing.

Sanski Most - In co-operation with local police, the soldiers established seven vehicle checkpoints from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. during Operation Snare. The car bomb exploded January 14, injuring the driver's legs. His five-year-old son, a passenger in the car, was not injured.
The soldiers stopped and inspected about 900 vehicles during the three-hour operation. A team of eight soldiers conducted the inspections, which took about five minutes to complete each vehicle.
In conjunction with the local police
“The vehicle checkpoints were conducted in conjunction with the local police to impress upon the local inhabitants SFOR's resolve to ensure a safe and secure environment,” said Capt. Ian McDonnell, who commanded the operation.
Each vehicle checkpoint included a patrol, a member of the local police, and an interpreter. There were also engineers, aviation and medical personnel on standby to ensure the safe disposal of weapons and ammunition in the event that any were found during the operation.
“Although there were no weapons or ammunition found, Op Snare was a success since our very presence. Its impact demonstrated that this type of violent crime would not be tolerated and reassured the people in our area of operations with our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment,” said McDonnell.
The drivers and passengers were told why the vehicles were being inspected when they arrived on-site and through announcements in the media.
“While the vehicle checkpoints did delay vehicles somewhat, people seemed pleased with the professional way that we conducted the inspections and understood the importance of these types of operations,” said Lt. Darrin Walters, Troop Leader, 1 PPCLI.
Op Snare was conducted as part of the 1 PPCLI's normal operations in accordance with the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP).

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Photos: Cpl Mark Aussenegg

Soldiers from Recce Squadron, 1 PPCLI BG and local police stopped more than 900 vehicles at a series of road blocks as a deterrent following a car bombing incident.

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The impact of the operation reassured the people in the Canadian area of operations of the commitment of the soldiers to provide a safe and secure environment.