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CPO Tom von Wiegen
First published in
SFOR Informer#156, January 23, 2003

Chief Petty Officer German Navy (CPO GEN) Torsten 'Buffy' Krüger is a 44-year old member of the German CIMIC Company in Camp Rajlovac. He works in the CIMIC Office in Foca/Srbinje. He was born in Lübeck, in the northern part of Germany. Krüger began his military career in the compulsory military services. He now belongs to the German CIMIC Battalion from Nienburg. "This was the best decision in my military life, to volunteer for a post in this Battalion," he said.
This is his first mission abroad. "I'm very happy to get the opportunity to work with soldiers form other nations. And furthermore I'm glad to help the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)," said Krüger. In the future he hopes to continue the work in the same CIMIC Battalion and to participate in more missions in foreign countries, for example KFOR or ISAF. "From my point of view, this is the best way to improve my English. I try to speak English whenever I get the chance," he said.
In his spare time he likes to read comics, play sport or spend time in the sauna. But at the moment spare time is a rare thing for Krüger. He is in charge for the Winterisation-Project from the German Foreign Office. He does the negotiations, the contracting and he is the head of the distribution for all the goods. This means about nine movements of firewood and nine others of food and non-food articles during the winter, for 29 suffering families in 24 villages surrounding Foca. "If this task is done, I think I will have a little more spare time to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm a great fan of her. That why my comrades call me Buffy," Krüger explained.
His CIMIC Coy will finish their tour in BiH in May 2003.
But Krüger said: "I don't care about my end of tour. I will help as many people as I'm able to. And, if necessary, in my spare time. The laughing eyes of a child are the best pay I can get."

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