A general overview of SFOR restructuring

First published in
SFOR Informer#156, January 23, 2003

In this issue, as well as in the previous ones, there are articles about SFOR restructuring. To provide a general overview of the newly created Brigades and Battle Groups, SFOR Informer asked CJ2 Geo in HQ SFOR to draw a special, simplified map to describe the changes (see below).
At the beginning of 2003 the total number of troops committed to SFOR was around 13,000. This will soon be down to 12,000. There was split between 12,900 SFOR personnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and about 100 in Croatia. Approximately 2,000 personnel are in the National Support Elements (NSEs).

• The Headquarters SFOR is located at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo and has approximately 450 personnel. Most of the contributing nations have personnel in HQ SFOR.
• The Headquarters Multinational Brigade North (MNB-N) is located at Tuzla and has approximately 2,900 personnel. The major contributing nations are Denmark, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and United States.
• The Headquarters Multinational Brigade Southeast (MNB-SE) is located at Mostar and has approximately 4,100 personnel. The major contributing nations are Albania, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco and Spain.
• The Headquarters Multinational Brigade Northwest (MNB-NW) is located at Banja Luka and has approximately 3,400 personnel. The major contributing nations are Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Romania and United Kingdom.
• There are approximately 1,500 personnel in Theatre Troops. They are based at various locations in BiH. The major contributing nations are Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Slovenia.

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