From 'Ministry of Defence' to 'Ministry of Sound'

SLt Meghan Marsaw
First published in
SFOR Informer#156, January 23, 2003

Many people have hidden talents or other hobbies that they partake in when not performing their military duties. For one Senior Aircraftman, his talent will probably make him famous.

Banja Luka - Senior Aircraftman Chris Dodds, 23, a driver with Tactical Supply Wing, is currently serving a three-month tour in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) refuelling helicopters. His real passion however, is music. Chris, an up-and-coming DJ, brought trance to the Balkans and currently hosts a two-hour radio show entitled "Glass Half Full" every Sunday evening on Multinational Brigade Northwest's radio Oksigen FM.
Able to DJ all over
Chris has been DJing for the past seven years and has found success in the UK and has developed quite a following. He admits however, that being in the Royal Air Force has helped him get some gigs. "I get to go all over the world with the RAF," said Chris. "Because I've travelled so much, I've been able to DJ all over."
It is sometimes difficult however, balancing his two jobs. "The military always comes first," he said, "but I've been offered gigs, which I couldn't accept because of my military obligations."
"Once I got offered to DJ in Ibiza, Baleares (Spain)" said Chris. "I couldn't go because I had an exercise in the UK at the same time. It would have been a great experience too."
This is Chris' second radio show in BiH. He used to host the top-rated dance show "The Eclectic Mix" which saw listening figures of 50,000 plus.
"The purpose of these radio shows is to use dance music as an international language," said Chris. "This language will help bring youth of all ethnic groups together."
Chris serves with the Tactical Supply Wing in Stafford and been in the forces for five years. He is originally from Saltburn by the Sea and this is his second tour in BiH.

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Chris Dodds on the air as a DJ at Radio Oksigen…

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… and in the open air as a senior aircraftman refuelling a helicopter.