Soldier in the spotlight

Maj. Pellumb Elezi
First published in
SFOR Informer#154, December 19, 2002

Cpl. Normunds Bozevnieks is a twenty-seven year old member of the Latvian contingent in Camp Dannevirke, in the vicinity of Doboj. He was born in 1975 in the small town of Balvi, in the eastern part of Latvia. Normunds and began his service as a conscript in 1995. He was promoted to the rank of Cpl. in 2000. "My best memory from military life is the moment when I was chosen to join BALTBAT (Baltic Battalion)," he said. He started his first mission in 1996 with the Implementation Force (IFOR). This is now his fifth mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). "I'm glad to participate in international peacekeeping missions. It is a good opportunity to interact with foreign soldiers," said Normunds. He enjoys his time in BiH, as it is an excellent chance to "meet new soldiers from new nations and to help civilian people." For the future he hopes to continue in military. "My father has a farm and he wanted me to become a farmer, but I like military life. I intend to keep serving in the Latvian Army, but for now my first goal is to get married. I will do this at the end of this tour in BiH," he said. Normunds speaks English, Russian and a little bit of the local language. He has been serving with SFOR for a long time and it helped him improving his language skills. In his spare time he likes to listen music, watch TV and video and read books. "I like sport but if I have an opportunity to choose, I'd rather watch sport on TV," he said. He has good relationship with all the soldiers in the Camp Dannevirke, but especially the soldiers from Denmark. His squadron will finish the tour in BiH by the end of February. "I'm not counting the days before I go back to my country. Here I feel at home. I only miss my girlfriend. She is always in my heart," he concluded.

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