Soldier in the spotlight

Sgt. Kelly Whitteaker
First published in
SFOR Informer#145, August 15, 2002

Corporal Deividas Slukinas is a reconnaissance soldier with delta squadron in the Lithuanian Army. Stationed at Camp Dannevrake in Doboj, this young troop has big plans for his military career. At 21 years of age Slukinas is carrying on a long held family tradition of serving in the armed forces.
"My father was a soldier and my grandfather was a soldier," said Deividas. "My grandpa was in the Second World War. My father is also working in the army, he works in techniques."
Before Lithuania gained independence, Deividas explained that his grandfather had served in the Russian army and also worked in reconnaissance. When asked if he planned to make the military a full-time career his response was an enthusiastic 'yes.' One of his future goals is to become in an infantry soldier.
Serving for the first time in BiH, Deividas found the experience to be a good one.
"For me it was actually a big experience because I am a young soldier and I'm trying to improve my knowledge," said Deividas. "It was positive of course - the experience. I am a young soldier and now I know really what the SFOR organisation is, I know what they do here and I think it has been a really good experience."
Living and working in a land recovering from war offered Deividas the chance to meet new people, the local people of Doboj. When out and about sightseeing around the city he made an effort to talk with the people and to learn about their way of life.
"I communicate with people, I am interested in their opinion and how it was before (the war) and how they feel now," he said.
Aside from being a full-time soldier, Deividas' hobbies include sports. During his school days he played a lot of baseball.
"Our national sport is basketball," he said. "I play baseball and basketball - at the camp we play sports."
Deividas comes from the Capital City of Vilnius in Lithuania. Upon his return to Lithuania he plans to go to University where he intends to study languages.

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