A new entrance for Camp Butmir

Paul Wolstenholme
First published in
SFOR Informer#145, August 15, 2002

At long last, the construction of the new main gate for Camp Butmir, Sarajevo is imminent. The Headquarters Commandant and Security Officer drew up the original concept for the gate in order to improve the traffic flow and security at the principal entrance to Headquarters SFOR. The entire design of the entrance was re-evaluated after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. After submission of an urgent funding request to SHAPE and the NATO Infrastructure Committee (NATO IC) at the end of 2001, the funds were approved, thereby allowing the engineering design process to commence.

Camp Butmir - The design has been closely co-ordinated between Camp Butmir HQ Commandant, his security and public works staff, HQ SFOR Engineer Branch and the Theatre Allied Contracting Office (TACO). This has involved the inclusion of a new road layout to improve traffic flow and to separate SFOR, civilian and commercial traffic. Other benefits of the new gate include weather protection for the guard force, under vehicle inspection lighting, raised traffic barriers and improved pedestrian security checks through the use of metal detectors and X-ray machines.
"The design process has been well thought out and has been well co-ordinated," said Jim Makin, Director of Public Works.
Local contractors to build project
The works are to be undertaken by a local contractor with supervision being provided by the Engineer Support Unit (ESU). The selected contractor will be employing about 40 workers throughout the construction period, while at the same time keeping the main gate in full operation during the works period, completing the entrance and exit sides of the road in two halves.
The ESU has recently undergone a major re-structuring in response to a new role to support the HQ SFOR Engineer Branch in the provision of engineering design and construction project management for the implementation of NATO IC funded projects.
"The introduction of the HQ SFOR Infrastructure Rolling Plan together with the re-organisation of the ESU, has enabled us to focus on delivering quality infrastructure projects in support of HQ SFOR," said Paul Wolstenholme, Chief ESU.
Future projects
Projects recently approved by the NATO IC include the upgrade to Archer Base (Helicopter Landing Site), land drainage within Camp Butmir, a Hazardous Material storage facility and expansion of the claims office. All of these projects will be designed and supervised by the ESU to be handed over to HQ Commandant Camp Butmir on completion.

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Photo: Courtesy of ESU

A model of the future gate.

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Photo: Sgt. Diego Ropero Pastor

Ordinary control can be seen in this picture.