Another weaponry cache discovered

Lt. Antonio Ruiz González
First published in
SFOR Informer#143, July 18, 2002

In the early morning on June 30, the Spanish Battle Group (SPBG) performed operation 'Bear'. Troops went searching for a weaponry cache site. Plana is a small town in the Republika Srpska, ten kilometres north of Bileca on the way to Berkovici.
Plana - Multinational Division Southeast Headquarters suspected some weapons may be hidden somewhere in the village.
The operation
The 'Private Lois' Tactical Subgroup of the Spanish Marines from Trebinje Detachment belonging to the SPBG, carried out the operation. Other units of the SPBG also collaborated in the operation, such as the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team of the battle group. They looked for a farm that was taken as a suspect place.
As an assault team leader, 1st Lt. Antonio Martinez Vallejo, Spanish Marines, said, "Once the target is isolated, and always after taking care of security procedures by the EOD team, we proceeded to get into the shed and secured the position. We discovered, along a wall, a huge amount of equipment and ammunition."
Success at the shed
As a result of the operation a 30 mm anti-air cannon, split down in parts, two M-80 rocket launchers, some hand grenades, several rifle grenades, an antipersonnel mine, ammunition for the cannon, and a large amount of other ammunition of different calibre were seized. The Spanish Marines also found other pieces of equipment such as magazines and helmets.

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Photos: Courtesy of Spanish Battle Group

After the seizure, the weaponry had to be re-counted and classified.

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The cache as the Spanish Marines found it at the shed on the farm.