MEDEVAC to Italy

Lt. Antonio Ruiz González
First published in
SFOR Informer#141, June 20, 2002

Last month the Italian Battle Group (IBG) carried out several medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) flights to Italy for the benefit of three local children. The co-ordination between the CIMIC (Civil-Military Co-operation) team of the IBG, and the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo made the trips possible.

Sarajevo - Dalila Rizvanovic, a seven-year-old girl from Sarajevo suffers from leukaemia. She was flown to Rome (Italy), accompanied by her mother. She will be treated in the haematology department of the University Hospital, Sapienza di Roma.
The surgery will be possible thanks to the donations of the Hospital, and Non-Governmental Organisations, such as the Red Cross of Capranica, a town near Rome.
In addition to Rizvanovic, three-year-old Almir Nazirevic, and 15-year-old Emir Memic will be treated in other Italian hospitals for their illnesses.

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Photo: Courtesy Italian Battle Group

First Sergeant (Marichallo Ordinario) Antonello Cipullo waits with Dalila Rizvanovic before the start of the trip to Italy.