TALON keeps soldiers and families informed

Lt. Col. Udo Genth
First published in
SFOR Informer#141, June 20, 2002

Newspapers are a good way to inform and entertain soldiers. In SFOR you can find a variety of papers published for the troops. On June 10, a delegation from the SFOR Informer met with fellow colleagues of the Talon located at Eagle Base near Tuzla.

Tuzla - Spec. Christina Davis is editor of The Talon. In a remarkable little office, this American from Hawaii works together with her assistant Spec. Vincent Oliver putting together the latest edition.
"The Talon has a circulation of 5,500 copies. It is edited every week and normally has 12 pages. On special occasions we increase the paper to 16 pages," said Davis.
Not only Americans
"I want to have a bigger circulation," she said. The newspaper proves to be quite popular with the soldiers. However, American troops aren't the only people who read the publication. Other soldiers, who are posted in Multinational Division North read it as well, they include; the Russians, Turks and Hungarians. The feedback shows what it is that soldiers like to read.
"They prefer cartoons and the personal opinions we publish on page two," said Davis. She explained how the journal is a morale booster for the troops. But members of the military aren't the only ones who read the Talon. Approximately 70 percent of all copies are sent outside Eagle Base. Soldiers posted elsewhere or their family members at home read The Talon, as well as Congressmen and other high ranking officials in the United States.
Common points
The Talon and the SFOR Informer have a lot in common. For example, local firms print both newspapers. The publications are also available online thus ensuring that everybody can read the reports from anywhere in the world. These two newspapers are prime examples of freedom of the press. "There was never any attempt of censorship," emphasised Davis.
The SFOR Informer wishes all the best to its American cousin.

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Photo: Lt. Col. Udo Genth

Talon editor Spec. Christina Davis and SFOR Informer's Jasmin Zeherovic, work on layout and design while talking about what makes for a good news magazine.