Soldier in the spotlight

Capt. Benoit Guilloux
First published in
SFOR Informer#140, June 6, 2002

British Lance Cpl. of the Horse, Danny Robson, is from the Blues & Royals. He is a vehicle commander on a Sultan. This is a command vehicle for his reconnaissance squadron that is equipped with a range of Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked (CVRT). He currently serves in Banja Luka, at Camp Metal Factory, within the squadron Headquarters. He and his comrades provide communications to the patrol bases and troop houses in Gradiska, Prnjavor and Prijedor. After having served as a driver and a gunner, Danny has been working as a signals instructor since January 2001.
"I just love it. Signals, gunnery, driving and maintenance. I joined at 16, in 1991. It is my third tour in this country. I came here in 1996, to Glamoc, 1999, in Mrkonjic Grad, and now here in Metal Factory, Banja Luka. It was a lot busier in 1996 with the drama still going on. Ethnic cleansing was still a big thing, especially in Glamoc. I did not realise it would take such a long time to get the ball rolling."
Everyone has a mental picture of the British cavalry in ceremonials, whether having witnessed it in London or maybe just having seen us on post cards or television. Robson added, "I did six months at the riding school, before that, I had never touched a horse. We have two roles; ceremonial duties in Knightsbridge, and the armoured side in Windsor." The dual role of the regiment makes it a lucky posting in the British Army. Danny saw it at that time in a different manner. "Windsor and Knightsbridge are much wanted spots for the night life," he said.
For now, he is back in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "I do not think there is a need for the reconnaissance side," he explained. "We cannot really communicate with the locals on such vehicles. It is very loud. In a Rover, the locals would come to you and chat away. We need to do this to make things improve out here."

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