Brothers in the spotlight

Capt. Vance White
First published in
SFOR Informer#133, February 28, 2002

The most famous four brothers deployed together at any one time are probably those who were depicted on the silver screen in Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg.
The United Kingdom Battle Group currently has four - almost as famous - brothers serving together in Mrkonjic Grad with the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles. But their surname is not Ryan - it is Rai.
Lt. (Queen's Gurkha Officer, QGO) Sahabir Rai, 39 years old, is a platoon commander with B Company. He joined the army in 1981. Chef Sgt. Hariprasad Rai, 34, is a Master Chef and joined in '87 with his 35 year-old brother, Pipe Major Sgt Krishnakumar Rai. Lance Cpl. Bhuwansing Rai, 33, is a signaller and joined in '90. One other brother is also in the Brigade of Gurkhas, but Lance Cpl. Deshbahadur Rai, 32, is currently serving in Afghanistan. He was the last of the brothers to join the army, and did so in '91. A sixth brother decided not to join the military, and still lives at home in Nepal. The six Rai's have no sisters.
"It's the first time the four of us have been posted together on operation, " said Sahabir Rai.
Not surprisingly, the brothers come from a military family. Their father, Parsuram Rai, served in the army for 18 years until retiring as a corporal from 10 Gurkha Rifles, in 1970.
The brothers have served all over the world, including: Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Italy, the Falklands, South Georgia, Kenya, New Zealand, Fiji, Sierra Leone, Belize, Brunei, and, of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina. But with more than 70 years of military service between them, they raise some concerns, as future pensioners, at the level of Her Majesty's Payment Services.
The six kids grew up the small village of Panchan, Solukhumbu, just below Mount Everest (8,846 metres high), where their parents still live.
"It's nice having us all together for the six months," they concluded with a single voice.

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The four brothers Rai.