Accord FM, The voice of SFOR

1st Lt. Pedro Fernández Vicente
First published in
SFOR Informer#131, January 31, 2002

Accord FM is the Multinational Division Southeast (MND SE) broadcasting station in Mostar Airport. The station has been transmitting since 1997. It covers an area of more than 6600 square kilometres, which includes Mostar, Nevesinje, Gacko, Trebinje, Ravno, Metkovic and Ljubuski. The voice of Accord FM explains the SFOR mission to local people.

Mostar - Accord FM is housed in the MND SE Headquarters, and belongs to the Information Communica-tion Branch (ICB). The station broadcasts 20 hours of programs daily that entertain as well as explain what SFOR is doing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a powerful tool as all within its range can tune in to its message.
The Message
"We broadcast non-time dependent information. We transmit sports information, musical programs, music, multimedia topics, unusual events, weather broadcasts and SFOR messages. Our target is men and women, 15 and 40 years old," said 1st Lt. Théron-Bagnoli, the station chief.
"We don't work alone when transmitting the SFOR messages. Accord FM collaborates with the Council of Europe (COE) in Mostar. ICB controls and supports the launching of each SFOR campaign. We also co-ordinate with Accord FM, Phoenix magazine and PSYOPS posters in order to provide local people with the SFOR message.* All the messages, including those from COE, have to be authorized by the commander of MND SE. This ensures that Accord FM is the voice of SFOR. "Our focus is on trying to bring understanding to this country, hence our name, 'Accord'," said the station's chief.

*Accord in French means, among other things, harmony.

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Photos: PO Steve Wood

Accord FM team: from left to right, Staff Sgt. Jean-Luc Albert, Sgt. Céline Letilleul, 1st Lt. Angélique Théron-Bagnoli and Staff Sgt. Jean-Paul Loisel.

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Sgt. Letilleul gets some assistance from local interpreter Hikneta Mustafic during a broadcast.