Mom, what is war?

Capt. Russell Craig
First published in
SFOR Informer#130, January 17, 2002

Senad Mavric, an SFOR artist has published a comic book, "Mom What is War?" that deals with the consequences of the 1992-1995 war in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo - Mavric works for SFOR as the Psychological Support Branch's artist, in his spare time, however, he continues to work on his own projects. "Mom What Is War?" is one of these projects and has been completed after several years of work. In it he seeks to describe the complexities of the war, through stories drawn from personal experience, or key points from the conflict.
"Every living artist in Sarajevo did something due to the influence of the war. It is hard to say how this tragedy influences us. Everyone has their own stories and personal experience and wants to tell them in their own way, so my way of expression is comics," says Mavric.
The book's stories depict the daily routines of life set against the backdrop of Sarajevo and the war. They tell the story of the dangers inherent in collecting water, food, firewood and even of just walking in the strife torn city.
"One of these stories, 'Black Water,' my friend lived through. It fascinated me and I wanted to relate the deep tragedy of the war. The war was not armies on a field with who wins, wins and who loses, loses. It's really a tragedy to live through what it (war) can push people to," says Mavric.
Although the book is printed professionally, some of the stories retain an almost unfinished look. Mavric, however, actively perused this effect.
"This books is in itself an important document about what happened in the war; it is my rebellion against it. It shows it roughly and strongly how it is…I want people to come to their senses," says Mavric.

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A selection of Mavric's work drawn from his book.

Photo: PO Andy Gedge

Mavric holds a copy of “Mom What is War?”