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A road for a neighbourhood

By 1st Lt Pedro Fernández Vicente
First published in
SFOR Informer#129, December 26, 2001

An Italian Engineer Platoon has built, from mid Sept. to mid Dec., a new road on Prljevo Brdo Hill, in Lukavica, Serb New Sarajevo. This will now allow access to a new neighbourhood called Prljevo Brdo. The Italian battle Group (IBG) responded to a request from Slavro Tosovic, mayor of Srpsko Novo Sarajevo.

Lukavica - For more than two months an Italian engineer team has been building a new road. "We would have been able to do it in less time, but due to the extremely bad weather from the middle of October, supply problems have delayed it," said 1st Lt. Giacomo Toscano.
Technical data
The road is 360 metres long; it has 580 metres of kerbs and canals for the drainage system. More than 870 cubic metres of earth were dug up and it was necessary for more than 1,100 cubic metres of new materials to be used. "It depends on the zone. For example, in the south where we started, the terrain was so marshy that the land literally engulfed the first layer of big stones, we had to put down more," said Toscano.
"The road consists of three layers. The first being of big stones, the second (middle) consists of stones of between 3.2 and 1.6 centimetres in diameter and the third is made from gravel smaller than 1.6 cm. Each stage was flattened," he explained. "We built the road in three stages. Stage one involved levelling using a bulldozer, a grader, an excavator and a dumper truck. The second stage was where we put the different layers of stones in and we used mainly the excavator, the dumper and the road roller. The last stage was where we made the drainage system and built the entrance ways into the houses," continued Toscano.
The work
The engineer team consisted of Staff Sgts. Antonino Barone and Filippo Casella. "They are very good at their jobs; they drive all our machines very well," affirmed Toscano. "My job is to direct and control the building work and supply of materials," he added.
"The work was very hard because this kind of land absorbs a great quantity of water, then becomes very sticky. We worked in snow, which was bad, but the worst was working in the rain. The mud stuck to every part of the machinery, it was impossible to work," said Barone.
"In spite of having to do this hard work, I am pleased to do something that helps so many families. It is the first time that my work is going to aid so many people," commented Casella.
The results
Svetljana Radovic is a civil service engineer and Dragan Bjelica is a civil service technician. Both directed the construction of the new neighbourhood. "The labour of the Italian Engineers has been extraordinary, we are very happy. Thanks to their efforts it will be easier to build our houses. This is the main road in Prljevo Brdo, Srpsko Novo Sarajevo. It has been a great experience working with 1st Lt. Luigi Cucinotta and his team in the beginning and with Toscano and his team afterwards," said Bjelica. "This is my first tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it has been a great personal and professional experience. It has helped me in my development as an officer and as a person too," concluded Toscano.

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