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The Phoenix flies again

By 1st Lt. Pedro Fernández Vicente
First published in
SFOR Informer#128, December 12, 2001

The Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Cell in Multinational Division Southeast (MND-SE) has created a new magazine that targets the adult population (ages 25 to 40) within their area of responsibility. The magazine was launched in November as a new way for the SFOR forces in the area to communicate co-ordination details and to compliment the efforts of those involved in working in the locale.

Mostar - Phoenix is a new magazine, which deals with a specific aspect of communication between SFOR and local people. In this way, Phoenix does not compete with other magazines created by SFOR.
Magazine format
The magazine has 12 pages including the cover and back page. The third page is reserved for an editorial by one of the generals of MND-SE. In the first issue the French Maj. Gen. Maurice Amarger wrote and in the second issue it will be the Spanish Brig. Gen. Castro's turn.
Pages four and five are for an interview with participants in the reconstruction, especially those local authorities that are very involved.
On pages six and seven you can find an article about life in the city from a citizen's point of view. It also includes a description of the city's main monuments.
The eighth page is reserved for a PSYOPS campaign poster with an article on the campaign on the next page. This article allows SFOR to communicate their message to the target audience. In the first issue this concentrated on Operation Harvest and the reasons why this is an important drive. The next edition will be concerned with corruption and the fight against it.
Page 10 shows the Civilian Military Co-operation efforts from all the battle groups from MND-SE. Page 11 in the first issue ran an article on health advice. This was not merely an advertisement but an article full of helpful advice on how to instil good health habits in children. This article, however, was not a success with the target audience and will be replaced by articles on the local associations and their work.
A special aspect of the magazine is its method of distribution. A tactical PSYOPS team personally delivers each issue to its readers. This ensures that the feedback process is full and timely. Another key point about the magazine is that, in total only 12 issues will be published yearly.

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