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Podvidaca road brings Entities closer

By Mr. Thierry Domin
First published in
SFOR Informer#123, October 3, 2001

A joint Armed Forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina (AF in BiH) project was completed Sept. 14 with the official opening ceremony of the Podvidaca road which was held at the centre point of the Inter Entity Boundary Line (IEBL) along the route of the road.

Banja Luka - In attendance were the Mayor of Sanski Most (Federation), Mr. Mesud Sabic, a Representative of Srpski Sanski Most (Republika Srpska), Mr. Rodic Boro, the then Commander Multinational Division Southwest, Canadian Maj. Gen. Rick Hillier, the Commander 5 Corps, Bosniac component of the Army of Federation (VF-B), Brigadier General Fikret Cuskic, and the Commander of 1 Corps, Army of Republika Srpska (VRS), Maj. Gen. Novak Dukic.
"We applaud the involvement and success of the Armed Forces in BiH on the completion of this project," said Hillier. "Projects like this prove how much can be accomplished in the rebuilding of this country when the Armed Forces in BiH work together to achieve a common goal. These types of projects build trust and appreciation between the Armed Forces while at the same time giving something back to the community."
The Podvidaca road project was a joint undertaking by the VF-B and VRS that received support from the Czech Battle Group with some assistance from the Canadian Battle Group. The VRS repaired the section of road from Delici to the IEBL, while the VF-B rebuilt the road from Podvidaca to the IEBL. Planning for the project began in December of 2000. The completion of this project will further facilitate the return of Displaced Persons and Refugees (DPRE) by providing them with a better communications and transportation system in the area.
At exactly 2.30 p.m., Mrs. Kuridza and Mr. Lemes cut the ribbon under loud applauses. It is the hope of SFOR that there will be many more projects, such as this one, where the AF in BiH can work together to achieve a common goal for the good of all people in BiH.

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