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Demolition of unsafe munitions

Dutch Battle Group Press Release
First published in
SFOR Informer#122, September 19, 2001

Travnik - A stockpile of unsafe munitions was destroyed at Travnik Range Thursday, Sept. 13, by members of the Dutch explosive ordnance disposal team working in co-operation with the Bosnian Croat element of the Federation Army (VF-H).
The munitions, 100 Type 7 rocket-propelled grenades, were destroyed in three explosions made at the range. Destroying unsafe munitions is part of an ongoing effort to improve the safety of weapons and ammunition stored by the Armed Forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF in BiH).
Over the past few months, Multinational Division - Southwest (MND-SW) has been working in close co-operation with all components of the AF BiH to make the environment safer for all. In order to comply, commanders of the Armed Forces must take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of weapons and ammunition under their control. This includes the adoption of modern safety and security standards for weapons and ammunition storage sites. SFOR has developed plans and currently assists the Armed Forces in BiH by relocating ammunition into centralised locations away from cities or densely populated regions. These joint SFOR/AF in BiH operations are being conducted to help ensure a safer and more secure Bosnia and Herzegovina for all citizens.

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