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Partnership for help

By 1st Lt. Kristoffer Egeberg
First published in
SFOR Informer#114, May 30, 2001

Zenica - The Norwegian contribution to SFOR HQ is soon to end. About 20 officers are getting ready to depart, but they leave behind truckloads of equipment.
Therefore they had to find a suitable heir with the best intentions.
"The Turkish Battle Group in Zenica is famous for its commitment to help displaced persons and refugees (DPRE). We found that they had the best opportunity to redistribute the equipment to those who are in need," said Norwegian Capt. Bjorn Lauglo. With help from TRANSCOY in Camp Butmir, two truckloads of beds, furniture, cabinets and some appliances were transported to Zenica.
"We at the Turkish Battle Group appreciate this gesture by the Norwegian NSE. All of this will be given, and cherished by people in need," said Capt. Bahattin Onan, CIMIC officer in the Turkish BG.
He already had places in mind. DPREs in Vares and Zavidovici are highest on the list.
"We distribute aid to people all the time, as there is a lot who need help. Especially the returnees, who need this kind of furniture and bedding," Onan said.
"We are soon leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina, and see no point in taking this back with us. Better to leave it here, knowing that it will be appreciated by people who really needs it," Lauglo concluded.

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