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A well-employed reinforcement

By Cpl. Nicolas Girault
First published in
SFOR Informer#114, May 30, 2001

Dutch paratroopers from the 11th Airborne Mortar Company came in support of the Bugojno garrison for six weeks, helping to survey its Weapon Storage Sites (WSS) in its area of responsibility (AOR).

Bugojno - The beams of the car pierced the trail and pines bordering it; it stopped and lit the camp's gate with its helmeted sentinel. In his the patrolling vehicle, Dutch Cpl. Jordy Feenstra from the 11th Motor Company AMB observes one of the VF-B (Bosniac part of the Federation Army) camp. He explained, "We check the number of guards, if they have weapons as usual, if everything is normal." After a short break, the patrol goes to check another site, guarded by VF-H (Bosnian-Croat part of the Federation Army); the same scene is repeated.
After controlling weapons and vehicles, and reviewing the patrol programme (different each time) with the tactical operations cell, Dutch paratroopers left Bugojno May 21 in the afternoon, to check several WSS in the area. They arrived at the camp at night.
They are now used to this kind of mission. They do it several times each day, as frequently as needed by the commanding officer. This completes the work done by teams who check ammunitions and weapons in the WSS.
The 11th Motor Company arrived in BiH April 24. In The Netherlands, they were placed on alert state the moment problems of loyalty appeared inside the Federation Army. The unit is there, theoretically, for six weeks. Its main task is to support the Bugojno Dutch contingent with its mortars.
Lt. Erik Boels, platoon commander, declared, "We are used to exercises in all Europe, France, Hungary, Germany but this time it is not an exercise!"

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