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More electricity for Bosnians

By Capt. Karine Chapleau
First published in
SFOR Informer#113, May 16, 2001

Prijedor - Forty households in Luscani, Hambarine, are now enjoying life with electricity that is so often taken for granted.
"This is a gift from the people of England," said Lt. Col. Robin Hodges, Multinational Division - Southwest chief of Civil Military Co-operation (CIMIC). "We understand how difficult life is without electricity. We are very pleased that this project is now complete."
"It is a pleasure to work with the SFOR soldiers," said Alija Sikiric, concerned citizen and returnee. "When we needed help, SFOR CIMIC Centre in Prijedor always listened and their help made the return process much easier."
The Department for International Development (DFID) invested 115,627 KM (convertible marks) in this electrification project. This donation funded the installation of 800 meters of high voltage line, a 160 kVA (kilovolt amperes) transformer station and 2,600 metres of low-voltage net which provides electricity to the homes.
DFID's goal is to contribute to the civilian aspects of the GFAP by encouraging the return of significant numbers of displaced persons and returnees (DPREs) to fully integrated communities.
During the war, the village and surrounding area of Hambarine, known as "the left bank," were totally destroyed and 100 percent ethnically cleansed. Nearly all the infrastructures were destroyed, including schools, community centres, electricity, water supply and most dwellings.
The municipality of Prijedor has experienced the largest cross internal entity boundary line rate of return in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees statistics, there are 60 people who have returned and 60 more are expected this summer.
This project is the second part in a four-part reconstruction program. DFID, Dorcas Aid, Swedish International Development Agency and Lutheran World Federation provide help for home reconstruction or electrification projects in the region. This is a good example of the strength that the international community has when they work together for the people of this country.

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