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Exercise demonstrates NATO, SFOR capabilities

By Sgt. Kerensa Hardy
First published in
SFOR Informer#113, May 16, 2001

A regional exercise was held April 27 to May 10 to gauge and display the abilities of NATO to react to crises in the Balkans region.
Exercise Adventure Express/ Dynamic Response combined two annual training events and involved SFOR and KFOR areas of responsibilities, as well as in Albania, and incorporated the Strategic Reserve Forces (SRF). The SRF is composed of assets from several nations: Argentina, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Poland and the United States. The force deployed with an extensive range of equipment and capability.
Units arrived in theatre by various means - airdrop, sea and land routes - and were integrated into different structures in the three multinational divisions (MNDs) after being processed.
The initial training phase of the exercise took place in Albania April 27-29. Troops from Italy, Argentina and the US pre-deployed to Albania to train with the forces there.
Historically, this annual exercise has been a means to evaluate and train the SRF. It also is beneficial in maintaining a high level of readiness in all relevant areas - terrain familiarisation, testing procedures, command and control and rules of engagement.
"We need to show we are able to validate the command and control structure, logistics, communication and interoperability with SFOR and SRF forces," said Swedish Lt. Col. Hakan Rapp, CJ7 Training chief.
Mass casualty scenarios were held in respective MNDs to evaluate reaction time and allow the players and observers to gain confidence in the capabilities of the medical assets in the event of an actual crisis.
"The main objective of the exercise is to show that NATO will take the necessary steps to ensure that forces are available if needed to maintain peace and military stability within … Bosnia and Herzegovina," Rapp said.
He added that this type of training is essential for the soldiers on the ground.
"After the exercise is over, they know what is going on in SFOR and soldiers have the impression that they have done something meaningful."

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