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Assembly-line in MND-SW

By Cpl. Sébastien Pisani
First published in
SFOR Informer#112, May 3, 2001

West BiH - The 2nd division of the Federation Army (VF) proceeded with a sizeable weapons transfer in canton 10, from April 16 to 21.
SFOR gave its assistance during this operation, to check that it took place in safe and secure conditions. On that occasion, about 250 men coming from the paratrooper company of the Canadian Royal Regiment from Tomislavgrad, the Canadian Support Company from Velika Kladusa and the British Support and Logistics Battalion from Sipovo lent Federation soldiers a helping hand.
"We intervened at Gen. Tokic's request, 2nd Division commander. Two weapon storage sites, one located in Drvar and the other in Livno, have been emptied. Light weapons, ammunitions, pieces of artillery and vehicles were transferred to other sites," said Capt. Guy Turpin, public relations officer of the Canadian Battle Group. This big spring-cleaning had two imperatives: to decrease the number of weapon storage sites and to avoid weapons being stored downtown, like in Livno, to guarantee the security of the population.
At the end of this tricky mission, about 3,800 light weapons and 2.4 million ammunitions were moved. In spite of the rain, which never stopped during the week, the feeling to realise great teamwork and to take part in the improvement of the safety conditions made SFOR soldiers quickly forget tiredness and aches.

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