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Italian CIMIC focus on schools


By 1st Lt. Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#112, May 3, 2001

Sarajevo - Improvements to three schools in Ilijas (Canton Sarajevo, Federation) and Mokro (Republika Srpska) have been completed recently with funds from the European Community and other private funds from Italy in the amount of 171,000 KM.
Local contractors, through the mediation of the Italian CIMIC Unit, carried out the work. "The study of the place where the funds will be invested and the company that will carry out, as well as the supervision of the works, are all part of our tasks," explained Lt. Col. Pierluigi Spagna, deputy commanding officer.
The Italian CIMIC Unit includes 13 people, among them five engineers and two financial officers. "They give the technical approval and we study the project's viability according to the budget," said 1st Lt. Francesco Chessa, financial branch.
"Seventy-five thousand KM were invested in Osnovna Skola (elementary school) "Hasim Spahic" at Ilijas. The work consisted of improvements in the sports hall, including a new roof, floor, windows and electrical and heating system, as well as the total reform of five toilets," explained Gurda Asim, school director, and Capt. Giuseppe Barbera, project officer.
Similar works were carried out in two of the four elementary schools in Mokro (Pale Opstina). "Electrical installation, pavement, wooden roof and heating, among other improvements which have been carried out in O. S. Kadino Selo and O. S. Brezovice, with an investment of 60,000 and 36,000 DM respectively," explained Capt. Antonio Adamo, project officer.
An opening ceremony took place April 16, presided over by Goran Kosoric, Opstina deputy major, Ljubo Radovic, school director, and Lt. Col. Agostino Ferrari, commanding officer of the Italian CIMIC Unit. "We are glad to help this country and its people in their reconstruction tasks and their return to normality," Ferrari said.

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