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Weapons Site Consolidated

By Cpl. Sébastien Pisani
First published in
SFOR Informer#111, April 18, 2001

Busovaca - Multinational Division - Southwest (MND-SW) assisted the VF-H April 6 in Vitez and Busovaca, where two weapon storage sites were not guarded to SFOR's standard.
At 3 p.m. SFOR temporarily took control of Vitez and Busovaca sites (canton 6), where the 3rd Division and the 3rd Brigade of the motorised guard are based. "We are not supposed to ensure the surveillance of weapons belonging to Armed Forces in BiH. We had to find a solution," said Maj. Van der Waal. All arms stored in Vitez and most of those in Busovaca were transferred to a third site guarded by VF-H soldiers. "The operation took place at night. Its accomplishment was not a problem because we had accurate lists on the type and the quantity of armament, which we were supposed to find. About 20 lorries and about six hours were needed to empty the stores," said Van der Waal said. On Saturday April 7, at the sunrise, the work was completed and weapons were again in the hands of the VF-H.
The presence in Busovaca of an another barracks, where some pieces of artillery are notably stored, pushed the MND-SW command to keep a close watch over the first site. Dragoons of the 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment, normally based in Zgon, came to lend a hand to the soldiers of the 44th Mechanised Battalion. Two Canadian Coyotes and a Dutch armoured vehicle permanently guarded the perimeter and made sure that no one entered without authorisation. Six men, near a Coyote with canvas stretched out, sipped warm coffee during the long operation.

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