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Neighbours here and there

By 1st Lt. Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#109, March 21, 2001

Mostar - Men and women from 2nd Hussards Squadron, Spanish Cavalry, are being briefed by Moroccan soldiers about their weapons and equipment in "Mostar España," the Spanish Battle Group main camp. Meanwhile, Maj. Mohamed El Bahri, operations officer, Moroccan Battalion, is explaining the organisation and tasks of his unit to the Spanish Leaders.
These were some of the exchange activities that took place in Mostar last February in the framework of Multinational Division-Southeast (MND-SE) between two contingents which share strong physical and cultural links, in addition to common tasks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "These exchanges are a very good opportunity to improve everyone's professional skills, and benefits the career development of soldiers from two countries with a very close relationship" El Bahri said.
About the Moroccan Battalion, El Bahri said, "Unlike the Spanish, our soldiers do not come from the same unit, but from various. Small groups are taken from many units to form the contingent, so all units in Morocco remain operational."
"We are receiving the visit of a Moroccan platoon, and a Spanish one visited their installations in Mostar Ortijes," said Maj. Felipe Otero, from RCLAC (Light Cavalry Armoured Regiment) "España 11," operations officer, Spanish Battle Group, who translated El Bahri's lecture. "Combined patrols are also included in the activities, that will finish with a joint training exercise on the field."
First Lieutenant Juan Muro Jáuregui leads the operating platoon. In the presence of his squadron commander, Capt. Santiago Villalvilla, both from RCAC (Cavalry Armoured Regiment) "Pavía 4," he is explaining their tasks to Lt. Moha Amarehoun, the Moroccan Platoon leader. "The Squadron is in charge of a company AOR (Area of Responsibility).
We patrol it with our BMR's (Armoured Wheeled Personnel Carrier) or our Nissan Patrols, depending on the mission to accomplish, taking special care on the resettlements of DPRE (Displaced Persons and Refugees)."
Whichever the vehicle is, 1st Lt. Muro's driver is Cpl. José Antonio Rubio. With six years of experience in the Army, this is his third tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And ever since the first one, he has noticed improvements in the country's situation: "They are beginning to tolerate each other."

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