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Cyber Cappuccino

By Capt. Enrico Ciucci
First published in
SFOR Informer#109, March 21, 2001

Mostar - Italian soldiers in Mostar are now closer to home. Since December 18, 2000, the Italian National Support Element (NSE) in Mostar, led by Maj. Terenzio Fusco, in co-operation with local PTT and the Mostar "Training Centre" Company established an Internet Cafe at the "Terrazza Italiana" (Italian Terrace).
Facilities available to the users include 10 computers with access to Internet and, for the time being, one of them is equipped with a webcam as well. Thanks to this initiative, military personnel from Italy and from other countries stationed in Mostar can enjoy exchanging e-mails with their families, friends and loved ones.
They can get real-time information from their motherland or just chat. Furthermore, it has to be mentioned that not a penny has been taken out of the pockets of either Italian Army or SFOR: the Mostar "Training Centre" - a state-owned company aimed at spreading computer knowledge especially amongst the youth - is funding the cost of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) link, the maintenance of the lines, the technical assistance, the hardware and software supplies. Access to the Internet is possible through the purchase of a special card that keeps track of usage. Prices are quite affordable. For instance five KM for one hour, 36 KM for 10 hours or 120 KM for 50 hours.
Due to the results of such an excellent initiative, both the Italian Battle Group in Sarajevo and the Italian Air Cavalry Task Force in Rajlovac approached in turn the "Training Centre" to establish similar facilities within their own compounds. Nowadays, all the soldiers belonging to the Italian SFOR contingent in BiH are granted the right not to lag behind the Internet revolution and, of course … to send a daily e-mail to their dearest "Mamma."
Well done, Maj. Fusco!

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