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Charity program gets new kitchen

By 1Lt. Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#107, February 21, 2001

Mostar - A new kitchen for a Charity Dining Room was opened on February 13 by representatives from SFOR and local authorities. In service since 1993, this dining room is run by the Red Cross of Mostar in a former Yugoslavian Army barracks. "During the war we used to feed 10.000 people. At present day, we only feed about 700, including 250 children from 16 municipalities of the two entities" says Mr. Alen Kajtaz, Secretary of the Red Cross in Mostar. "People are welcome here, wherever they come from."
"More than 50.000 Deutsche Mark has been invested in this program, including 20.000 from German donors, 14.000 from French EMAT (Etat Major de l'Armee de Terre, Army General Staff) funds, and 13.000 from the Red Cross" says Captain Peter Schock, German Army, Project Officer. "Many improvements have previously been done on walls, toilets, electricity or water, as well as new doors, windows or ventilation system. Another 3.000 DM is also sent every month from German Soldiers donations to finance the food". Captain Schock works for G-9, MND SE Head Quarters, the staff branch in charge of CIMIC operations.
"We receive much help from SFOR. In addition to the money, we receive very often food for example from the Spanish Battle Group Camp, Mostar-España" stresses Mrs. Mevla Salcin, in charge of the kitchen, who is really proud and happy with her team and new installations.
Attending the ceremony Major General Robert Meille, MND SE Commander, Colonel Peter Meurer, German Senior Officer in Mostar, Mr. Mirsad Saric, President of Canton Herzegovina-Neretva (Canton 7), and the above-mentioned Secretary of Red Cross in Mostar, Mr. Alen Kajtaz, who added "International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) also co-operates with SFOR in other programmes, like Mine Awareness, Missing Persons or Home Care".

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