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SFOR shows its NBC means

By 1Lt Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#107, February 21, 2001

Mostar - Demonstrations for Media and MND SE troops were held by German and Italian NBC (Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical) Teams in Europe Base, Mostar Ortijes, in order to explain SFOR capabilities in this area.
The Italian Team showed NBC equipment used at the operational level, similar to which is used in every NATO country. This team belongs to 4th NBC Regiment, and every Italian Battle Group that comes for a tour to Kosovo or BiH includes a specialised team from this Unit, at present, led by First Lieutenant Luca Napoli, who says "Our equipment is solid and robust, good for a Military Unit, but for a more accurate measure of very small radiation levels, more sophisticated means are needed."
Meanwhile, from Germany came the NBC Field Laboratory, German Army. Major Ronald Rambousky, Officer Commanding, says "The missions of the NBC Field Lab are to identify and analyse radioactive substances or biological or chemical agents released during warfare acts, natural disasters, accidents or other circumstances. For this purpose, we have very precise apparatus that can even measure very small rates of radiation."
The Field Lab includes, among others, the "Radiation and Hazardous Substances Monitoring Team", where Sergeant Major Ewald Bauer serves, who says: "Radiation is measured by Sieverts per hour (Sv/h) and we can even measure one nano (10-9) Sv/h. There is always some natural radiation over the land, about 70-80 nano Sv/h."
The Field Lab arrived in the Balkans on January 12, and will remain here until the end of February. "According to the targets list provided by SFOR, we are collecting samples and analysing the sites where the DU (Depleted Uranium) ammunition was fired, not only measuring radiation rates, but also any other hazardous substances. Everything is under control" concluded Maj. Rambousky.

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