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"Der Keiler", German Contingent's Newspaper

By 1Lt. Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#107, February 21, 2001

Rajlovac - It is Monday morning, and like any other Monday morning, there is frantic activity in the staff of "Der Keiler" ("The Boar"). Corporal Markus Mahlberg is finishing the Sports Section, with the weekend's Football League results, "One of the first things people look for in our newspaper". Later, the new edition will go to for printing, and in the afternoon the 2.600 copies will be distributed.
"Der Keiler" was born in January 1997, a little after the deployment of the first German Forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In its four years of life, this weekly-newspaper has punctually reached every corner of the Theatre where any German Soldier is stationed, and also their families and units in Germany, through Rajlovac's Post Office.
"The newspaper informs about the activities of the German Troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but also about other nations that work with us, like French, Austrian or Albanian" says Lieutenant Colonel Karl-Werner Wiemers, editor and photo-journalist, who adds "Journalism runs through my veins; I share a familiar background, my father was journalist and my mother's family had a printshop".
Besides Lt. Col. Wiemers, the other three members of this reduced team are Captain Dirk Ebrecht (photojournalist), Master Corporal Sven Rodenburg (photographer) and Corporal Markus Mahlberg (layout). They all work for the PIZ (Press and Information Zentrum).
In addition to present news about the German Contingent, "Der Keiler" also includes sections like Quiz, Humour, Cinema, Weather Forecast, Culture/History or Messages from Families and Units.

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