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"Robust Hedgehog" supports OHR

By 1Lt. Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#107, February 21, 2001

Sarajevo - It is just another busy morning in Dobrinja, a Sarajevo suburb. Streets are crowded. Everyone has something to do. Market is open, and people are shopping. They have hardly noticed that a joint German-Italian patrol in two light vehicles is crossing through them.
This is as a result of the process of arbitration that is being carried out in Dobrinja. The boundary between the Federation and the Republika Srpska agreed in GFAP, Annex 2, known as IEBL (Inter Entities Boundary Line), runs directly through three apartment blocks in this quarter, beside the airport, and the attempts to find a solution for this dispute have remained unsuccessful.
The High Representative, Mr. Wolfgang Petritsch, decided then to appoint an Arbitrator "To provide a fair and impartial adjudication between the parties in the matter under dispute" in the person of Mr. Justice Diarmuid P. Sheridan, an Irish judge. These arbitration hearings began on February 13 and are to last for three months.
Meanwhile, SFOR has started Operation "Robust Hedgehog", to reinforce its presence in the quarter to guarantee a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement. Though Dobrinja is located in the German AOR (Area of Responsibility), the Italian Battle Group is also involved, as well as Military Police Forces from the French MP Coy at Rajlovac and the MSU (Multinational Specialised Unit).
Everyday, joint German-Italian or German-French patrols, always in light vehicles, runs through Dobrinja. "Everything is very quiet", says 2Lt. Andrea Dal Vecchio, Italian Army, who is patrolling with members of his platoon along with German soldiers, led by 2Lt. Dominik Scharf. "Because this operation runs in the German AOR, the German officer is in charge of the joint patrol" says 2Lt. Dal Vecchio.
Corporal Jasko Spahic, German Army, today carries out the translation tasks. "I was born in Germany, but my parents are from Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina. They emigrated thirty years ago," says the 21 years old Corporal. Led by him, an on foot patrol enters the market, and begins to talk to the civilians.
Normality rules in Dobrinja. But, during the arbitration procedure, SFOR will permanently be observant, to guarantee peace and security in the quarter, as in the rest of the country.

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