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TRANSCOY sits at the core of Butmir

By Sgt. Kerensa Hardy
First published in
SFOR Informer#106, February 7, 2001

In the United States Army, it is said of the Transportation Corps, "Nothing happens until something moves."
The same statement can be applied to Camp Butmir's Transportation Company (TRANSCOY), a very integral part of the daily operations of the Stabilization Force.
The 79 personnel assigned to this agency cater to every transportation need of the more than 1,000 SFOR personnel at Camp Butmir.
TRANSCOY is at the nucleus of every action here. It supports Headquarters SFOR by providing transportation support for any mission - big or small.
The company has a fleet of 189 sedans and 4x4 vehicles, 45 mini buses, seven large buses with 24 drivers. It also operates the scheduled bus line that travels around Camp Butmir into downtown Sarajevo, as well as to Rajlovac. Approximately 380 passengers travel on this bus line daily.
But that's not all. The 49 soldiers and 30 civilians of TRANSCOY are the ones who ensure roads get cleared when they are covered with snow and ice.
Though TRANSCOY is one entity, it is made of several essential sections:
Administration: This section takes care of all administration aspects of the company.
A Platoon: All requests for drivers and/or vehicles come through this section. When organizations want to go on outings, this is where they need to start.
Operations Room: Transportation requests for sedans or 4x4 vehicles are handled by this office.
Light Aid Detachment (LAD): This section is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of all HQ SFOR green-plated vehicles. Monthly, about 80 vehicles are repaired or maintained by the LAD. This section is also responsible for maintaining more than 5,000 spare parts to ensure that all vehicles can be repaired in a timely manner without having to wait for parts to be shipped in.
A/Tech: This office runs the database for TRANSCOY.
There is a dispatcher on duty 24 hours daily. A recovery team and duty mechanic are also always on duty in the event that a TRANSCOY vehicle is in an accident or has problems on the road.
If all the available resources are any indication of the capabilities of this company, it seems they can handle just about anything.
So, if you have any transportation needs or problems, chances are TRANSCOY can help.

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