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Spanish Battlegroup features a new Radio Program

By 1Lt Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#105, January 24, 2001

Mostar - After meetings with the managing direction of Radio Korona (97.2 FM), a new weekly radio program in Spanish, called "Rojo y Gualda" (Red and Yellow, the colours of the Spanish National Flag) began broadcasting last January 11, and will be on air every Thursday from 17:30 to 17:50. This station, located in Trebinje, has a target audience of young people, and covers a wide area of the Republika Serpska and the Croatian Coast (Dubrovnik).
This programme links itself to another that the Broadcast Team already doescalled "Aires de España". This three -year-old program, also weekly, is mainly based in music in Spanish, and broadcast from four local radio stations: Radio Hayat, Mostar, 101.7 FM, Tuesday, 17:30 to 18:30; Radio Ljubinje, 98.0 FM, Thursday, 12:10 to 13:00; Radio Bileca, 99.9 FM, Wednesday, 17:00 to 17:50 and Radio Trebinje, 94.1 FM, Friday, 12:10 to 13:00.
Similarly, Multinational Division South East has its own 24-hour Radio Station called "Radio Accord" (106.2 FM), with music and news.
Led by Warrant Officer 2 Luis Tobajas, the Tactical Psyops Team, composed of three military and two local interpreters, carries out the task of spreading news and music in the Battlegroup Area of Responsibility, The products generated by the Psyops Support Element, Information Campaign Branch, HQ SFOR, include Project Harvest and Driving Safety.

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