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Sipovos new Information Centre

By Cpl. David Thomas
First published in
SFOR Informer#105, January 24, 2001

Sipovo - Since January 12, this town, which is in the British Area of Responsibility, is equipped with a new SFOR Information Centre. Set close to the town hall and the football field, the Info Centre occupies a strategic place downtown. This one will allow intensification of relations between local people and SFOR'soldiers.
"Now, the new Info Centre is on Gravila Principa, the main road through Sipovo," explained British Lt. Jimmy White, liaison officer in Sipovo. "People can come there easily." The former centre was just a room in a private house. These premises are independent. The new office makes it possible for people to come and discuss their problems.
"Thanks to that, we build relationship with the local population. We let them feel comfortable with us in their community, we try to do the utmost to help them," said the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers officer (REME), detached with the Combat Service Support's (CSS) battalion in Sipovo.
"For example, this morning, a woman without employment, mother of three children, whose husband has no job either, came to ask us for a job. We gave her addresses of NGOs because we are not here to give them work but to give them advise."
In addition, the possibility is offered to people to come and have a cup of coffee, to take part in a conversation, to read Mostovi, an SFOR Serbo-Croat newspaper and so on. A medical permanence is also assured each week. "We are working with the community not against it," underlined Lt. White. "The key people from the community are coming to the centre. We are a link for everyone!"

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