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SFOR and EAF Leaders discuss future
Armed Forces for BiH

First published in
SFOR Informer#105, January 24, 2001

Sarajevo - Major General Richard Dannatt, Deputy Commander Operations at SFOR Headquarters met with the Entity Armed Force Commanders at Camp Butmir to discuss the way forward for a future Army of Bosnia-Hercegovina, Jan. 17.
At the meeting, Colonel General Dudakovic, Colonel General Simic and Colonel General Curcic each presented their ideas on how to move towards a future armed force for Bosnia-Hercegovina. SFOR agreed to take the ideas from the meeting and produce a proposal that could be discussed at the group's next gathering.
Major General Dannatt concluded the meeting by saying that he was encouraged by the level of agreement that had been reached and that he recognised certain legitimate national interests must be accommodated in the future state army of BiH.
SFOR's mission is to deter conflict and maintain a safe and secure environment in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Besides keeping the peace, SFOR goals in 2001 are to support economic reforms, refugee returns, stronger joint institutions, and to help build a future state army of BiH.

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