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Weapons haul in MND-SE

January 4, Multinational Division-Southeast (MND-SE) forces carried out a well-planned operation in the area of Pale. A reconnaissance patrol found and seized a weapons storage site located in an old railway-tunnel. This action has removed a possible mine danger to the local people.
This resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of weapons and ammunition seized. This includes more than twelve thousand rifle rounds and explosives

The materials seized are destined for destruction.
This storage site was a threat and the MND-SE commander considers this issue a serious non-compliance of the Annex1A of the Dayton Peace Agreement.
The investigation will go on until the people responsible are identified.
Entity Armed Forces commanders and political authorities have been informed about this matter and SFOR is awaiting their answers.
MND-SE has acted in accordance with Art. VI §6 and Art. IV § 5b of the Annex 1A of the Dayton Peace Agreement.
MND-SE Commander wants to stress once again that every weapon and round of ammunition collected and destroyed makes this country a safer place to live.

• Approx. 3000 cartridges 12.70 mm.
• Approx. 9000 cartridges 7.62 mm.
• 35 Hand grenades.
• 11 Rifle grenades (antipersonnel and antitank).
• 1 Machine gun.
• 4 Sub-machine guns
• 5 rifles
• 1 Mortar shell
• 5 Launcher tubes 64 mm.
• 5 AP mines.
• 10 Explosive blocks.
• 4 Gas masks.

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