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Lord Robertson visits Bosnia - meets troops

By 1Lt Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#104, January 10, 2001

Sarajevo- The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson visited Bosnia and Hercegovina December 21, for a one day tour of Sarajevo and Mostar. During his visit, he met SFOR troops, and held meetings with the Tri-Presidency and other political leaders.
The working day began at the German Battle Group Camp in Rajlovac at 08:00 hours. Received by the Commanding Officer, Col. Hans Robert Gareissen, Lord Robertson attended a deployment simulation by the Cougar Platoon in their Fuchs Armoured Personnel Carrier and Luchs Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle.
Cougar Platoon is part of the Rapid Reaction Unit of the German Battle Group, a mixed Light Infantry and Reconnaissance Company commanded by Capt. Renko Siegman. The goal of the exercise was the rescue of two SFOR hostages captured by agitators, the arrest of the latter and their transfer to the Military Police.
Next on the itinerary was Tito Barracks, where the party was received by Col. Gianfranco Beraldo, Commanding Officer of the Italian Battle Group formed from the 14th Alpini Regiment (mountain troops) from the Julia Brigade (usually stationed in Udine, Friuli) and other support units. After a briefing on the unit and the situation, a static display was given of the Alpini's weapons, vehicles and equipment. On display were such vehicles as the VM-90 armoured car, the Hagglunds BV-206 tracked vehicle for snow, and the Centauro armoured cavalry vehicle of the Lanceri di Novara Cavalry Regiment.
Following his time with SFOR, Lord Robertson held meetings with the Tri-Presidency and with two political leaders, Mr. Zlatko Lagumdzija, from SDP (Social Democratic Party) and Mr. Mladen Ivanic, from PDP (Party of Democratic Progress). This was followed by a Press Conference at the Coalition Press and Information Centre (CPIC).
Lunch at HQ SFOR was followed by a flight to Mostar where he was received by Maj. General Robert Meille, Commander Multinational Division South East. The Secretary General visited the HQ, and afterwards held a meeting with local civic leaders.

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