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MND-SE sees the blue light

By Capt. Karine Chapleau
First published in
SFOR Informer#103, December 20, 2000

Mrkonjic Grad - Multinational Division South East is considering implementing an exercise Blue Light in their area of responsibility after seeing the United Kingdom Battle Group exercise November 3 in Mrkonjic Grad.
"People have unpredictable reactions when they are in an accident with multiple casualties," said Colonel Patrick Errard, MND(SE) Surgeon, who attended the UKBG Blue Light Ex. "It is important to expose the rescue team to such reactions."
"The best practices of the different nations are chosen and incorporated in daily practices," said Col Errard. "Each country is coming out better and stronger."
"In MND(SW), within two weeks of arrival in theatre, every battle group has to go through a BLUE LIGHT exercise," said Major Dorien Williams, MND(SW) Staff Officer for Medical Operations. "The vehicles involved in an accident can be in a mined field which create a threat to the local community and SFOR personnel. These exercises are in support of our mission to provide a safe and secure environment to the people of Bosnia."
MND (SE) has experienced a real life accident when September 14, 2000, a Forward Armoured Vehicle when of the road killing one and injuring seven others.
"The staff are now learning the different equipment and how to use the rescue helicopter, "said Col Errard. "Once we have completed the learning phase, we will develop a training package similar to the Blue Light Ex for MND(SE)."

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