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Supporting youth soccer

By 1Lt Javier Donesteve
First published in
SFOR Informer#103, December 20, 2000

Sarajevo - Representatives from SFOR and the German Embassy formally presented a cheque from the "Soccer without Borders" benefit tournament at the Bosnia-Hercegovina Soccer Association on 06 Dec.
A total of 15,555 km were presented by Consul Michael Hagenburger from the German Embassy and Capt. Markus Homberg from SFOR to Bosnian Soccer Association President, Mr. Pursina, to build a new soccer field in Sarajevo where young people from all ethnic and social backgrounds will be able to play together.
The funds were raised on 28 Oct, during a tournament played in Sarajevo. There was an audience of more than 4,000 people, between Bosnian teams as well as teams from SFOR and the German Embassy, including former First National League players.

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