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Russians, Americans and VRS
building together

By 2Lt Alexander Barb
First published in
SFOR Informer#103, December 20, 2000

Lopare - With accuracy, the crane puts down a heavy steel piece. It comes to complete the existing structure, as in a Meccano game, building up the bridge.
Twenty-three American engineers from the A Company at Eagle Base, 12 Russians who belong to the 1st Peacekeeping Russian Separate Airborne Brigade (PRSAB) from Priboj and 10 soldiers from the 3rd Corps VRS (Republika Srpska Army) gathered their efforts to upgrade the bridge that stretches across the Mackovac river. Now, it can hold up to 70 tons.
"The project is made under request of the CIMIC who wanted to upgrade the bridge capability. It is located on Kansas Route which is much used by local truck companies," said US 1Lt. John Hiltz, the executive officer in charge of the project. "It will also improve our capability to carry out missions, and the lives for the civilians."
Technically, the engineers added a third row of panels on each side to upgrade the strength of the Bailey bridge. That same bridge was inaugurated at the end of August by other engineers from the same nations. (See SFOR Informer Number 95).
"It's not the first nor the last joint project that we make with the Americans. At the moment, we have soldiers working on a joint project to repair two kilometres of road near the village of Trsich. The project should end by the nineteenth of December," said Russian Capt. Sergei Pavlukov, deputy commander of the engineer platoon.
"Last week, we met American 1Lt. Tim Donoghue (leader of the engineering platoon). We discussed and planned the works," he added.
"All is going the right way and we should reach the end this afternoon," said Donoghue.

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