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Commander's Message to SFOR

Five years ago this week, NATO-led forces deployed from their home bases to the Balkan region to return peace and order to a people beset by war, and longing for a stability that only we could provide. Because of SFOR's efforts then and now, the people of this country face the future with some optimism for themselves and their children.
The continued improvement of conditions will require great determination and resolve by all of us in SFOR. As the holidays approach we should be secure in the knowledge that our sacrifices of the comforts of our homes and families are both worthwhile and appreciated. Our dedicated efforts will help citizens of BiH enjoy a safe and secure environment in which they can celebrate this holiday season.
From the members of the International Community, NATO and the citizens of BiH, I extend thanks for all that you have done and continue to do in the service of peace. I am truly proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to the promise of another safe and fulfilling year as we continue to help the citizens of BiH rebuild their country and their lives.
To all of you, I extend the best of holiday greetings and wish you fulfillment in 2001
Lt. Gen. Michael L. Dodson
Commander SFOR

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