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ADP Maintenance - the Italian job

By Cpl. David Thomas
First published in
SFOR Informer#102, December 6, 2000

Sarajevo - There's a kind of “little Italy” at HQ SFOR. The Automatic Data Processing Cell (ADP), which takes care of the computer network, is that place where some flags of the Roma Lazio are still fluttering.
“It's the only 100 percent Italian section in HQ SFOR, maybe in all SFOR,” said Capt. Antonino Calabro, ADP Chief, who's making his first trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).
Behind their computers, the technicians solve the problems of the all HQ SFOR, “The software and the hardware as well,” said Calabro. They are use to that work because it isn't their first trip in BiH. “Some of them have been here for seven or eight months,” said Calabro.
The Warrant Officers Class 2 Aurelio De Guiseppe, Sergio Melchionna, Vito Ottocardi, Pellegrino Guerriero, Federico Scamardella, Sgt. 1st Classes Nicola tropea, Domenigo Tomei, Giuseppe Giannandrea, Massimo Tedde and SCPO Leopoldo D'Aprile make up the 11 technicians team coming from the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. They work seven days a week in the cell.
That combined group is always very busy.
“We have a lot of work because the computers are very important for HQ SFOR. That's the reason why there's a technician 24-hours a day to answer phone calls and emergencies when needed,” explained the Italian officer.
Despite the daily rate of work, the atmosphere seems to be warm in the cell.
“We always work smiling because we're a group of friends,” said Calabro. “We all met here, we're coming from all the areas of Italy.”
The good spirit that runs through the office, around a particular smell of coffee, which brings them together as friends.
“We have a lot of friends at the HQ; French, Germans, Americans…” said the section leader.
Thanks to this always-happy mood, the “little Italy” is ready to face all the computer problems.

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