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Spanish deactivate two devices of more
than 100 kilos

Mostar - The EOD of the Spanish Battle Group uncovered two explosives placed aside and under a road from Hotonj and Zikivica. There were 20 metres between these devices. They were put there during the war with the purpose of cutting at least those 20 metres of road.
These devices were made of an aviation bomb class AP-500 and three boxes containing 100 trinitrotoluene firecrakers weighing 250 grams each, totalling 75 kilos of explosive besides the bomb. Fuses or other kind of starting systems were not found.
The operation was carried out within maximum safety measures, not only for the EOD and support team, but also for the civilian inhabitants. The area was isolated, traffic was closed, transportation was escorted and so on. These tasks were carried out by members of Spanish BG and Guardia Civil.
After having the devices well recognized and deactivated, they were lifted and loaded on a dumper with the aim of carrying them to the range for destruction in Drubrava. These devices were exploded in three separate explosions
The devices were moved because if they had been exploded on the road, this would have caused considerable damage.
The EOD is comprised of Lt. Gonzalo de Juan Novoa, Warrant Officer 2 Francisco Javier Maas Mansilla, Staff Sgt. Jos Yage Carballo, Sgt. Juan Manuel Bosoko Mahy and Pvt. Silvia Mara Henrquez Romero.

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