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Hope on its way via CIMIC and DFID

By Capt. Karine Chapleau
First published in
SFOR Informer #101, November 22, 2000

Halapic - The village of Halapic is slowly getting help with reconstruction and getting pre-war business working again.
With the help of the Multinational Division Southwest Civil Military Co-operation section and the Department For International Development, Vukosav Talijan received 20,000 KM from Capt. Jeff Peck, Canadian CIMIC officer for the Glamoc area serving with the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry to buy the tools required to set-up his pre-war business.
"This money will be put to good use, it will not be wasted," said Boja Talijan, Mr. Talijan's wife.
Talijan returned in 1998 to Halapic. The DRA provided funding to rebuild his house. The couple was the first to come back to Halapic and encouraged several others to come back. With his business, he hopes more people are going to come back.
As part of the contract with DFID, he has to return 20 percent of the total amount he received in products to the community known as secondary benefits. He will help his community to rebuild their houses by providing wooden doors and windows.
The major reasons why returnees are slow to come back to Halapic are that there is no electricity in the village at this time and most houses are still destroyed. Capt Peck mentioned that Halapic is the next village to be connected to high voltage electricity lines.
Talijan met all the criteria to obtain international aid from DFID to set-up his pre-war business. He received half of the money requested, he will receive the balance when he is ready to start operating.
The CIMIC programme is in place to help the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina to rebuild their life and to provide a safe and secure environment by providing them with stable employment.
The goal of DFID is to contribute to the civilian aspects of the Dayton Agreement by encouraging the return of significant numbers of DPREs to fully integrated communities.
Peck will monitor the progress of the secondary benefits. He visits regularly all projects that are in his area of responsibility. Talijan has six months to repay his share of the money in secondary benefits.

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